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Article list

Software - Privacy

How to choose a browser for your daily use?
Lifting the veil - how to test browsers for spyware
Essential privacy (or other) addons
Forum Classification Project - which forums (don't) get in your way? (DATA AND FORMAT UPDATE APRIL 2019)
E-mail providers - which one to choose?
Fake privacy / security initiatives
Mozilla - Devil Incarnate
Search Engines - which one to choose?
Ninja's guide to the Internet

Software - Other

Useful Linux software you might not know about
Salix OS - a hidden gem among Linux distributions
Refuting Freetardism
Principles of bad software design
What Linux struggles with
Linux Essentials


Avoiding "The Botnet" - impossible?
Technological slavery
Capitalism will die - but will it take us with it?
The dangers of artificial intelligence
How capitalism destroys everything
The Enemy Who Surpasses The Law
Refuting Libertarianism

Video games

Sid Meier's Pirates - game recommendation
Short video game reviews
Avoiding the decline of gaming
Favorite Video Game Soundtracks

External links

Spyware Watchdog - which software spies on you and how?
RainHeaven - friend's site, with high-quality commentary on news about privacy and SJW insanity.
Verisimilitudes - Novel programming, machine code, and other things.
Lich - Philosophical and other musings of a friend
Diabetic Dharma - Experiments Healing Type-1 Diabetes and Its Complications. - If you're looking to donate to someone, I recommend this guy. While we're sperging out about software, technology, games etc. there are people out there suffering (with capitalist medicine only adding fuel to the fire) from serious diseases and trying to do something about it.

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